Saturday, September 18, 2010

Easy and cheap small thumbscrew

The set screw on my digital calipers has always been bent, which was a nuisance as it didn't let me tighten them.  I finally got fed up and fixed it.  Turns out that it used an M2.5 screw, and I had a whole bunch of these that I bought to fix our laptop.  But it would be nice to have a knurled head.  Well, I still had a lot of #6-40 nylon socket cap screws that I needed two of for my Daisy finder improvement. So I cut the heads off one of the socket cap screws, and drilled through the hex key hole in the cap.  I then screwed the M2.5 screw into the cap, gluing it place with a package of some cheap no-name super glue that I picked up at a grocery store and that I've been very happy with because somehow it never gets stuck in the nozzle like it does with other brands.  I then decided I wanted a bigger knurled part to turn, so I beheaded another socket cap screw, drilled it, and glued it in place.  Doesn't look perfect, but works great.

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