Monday, October 12, 2015

The moon in Minetest

I was at a conference over the weekend, and I also had some spare time at the airport, on the plane and in the hotel, so I entertained myself by finishing off a lunar mod for Minetest (a free Minecraft-like game, which works a lot better than Minecraft on old hardware) that uses real-world data from NASA's LRO spacecraft to generate lunar textures. To make this more Minetest-y, I flatten the moon out into two pancakes, and then I exaggerate the terrain by a factor of five (which is adjustable). And I added some sky background textures from SpaceEngine. (The Enterprise isn't a part of this mod, but is generated with the script for RaspberryJamMod).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Color Changer for rooted Android 4.4+

I've released Color Changer for rooted Android 4.4 and higher devices, which remaps screen colors in all apps. There is a Free and a Pro version, but the Free version includes the red screen mode for night-vision preservation, so you don't need to buy the Pro version (unless you want some of the other modes--the Free version includes a trial of all the Pro features--or want to support my development efforts).

(There is currently no way to do this without root. Sorry!)

Even if you are going to purchase the Pro version, please try the Free version first to ensure compatibility.

Free version: Google PlayAmazon Appstore

Pro version: Google PlayAmazon Appstore