Wednesday, November 24, 2010

open 2sky alpha test

After a number of hours of converting code from CodeWarrior to prc-tools and rewriting GPL-incompatible code, I have an alpha test release of open 2sky. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK and please send me or post any bug reports.

The database building tools are not yet running (actually, Kevin hasn't sent them all to me yet). The Comets and Asteroids databases thus are out of date. However, all of the star databases, up to magnitude 11 are included.

Note 1: The app by default reassigns all the four hardware keys when it runs. This is a problem on devices like newer Treos which need one of the keys for the home button. So, when you first run 2sky on such devices, just unassign your home button when you get to the screen for assigning buttons (to unassign it, tap on the icon for it, and then choose a blank square).

Note 2: I haven't succeeded in running this under a PalmOS 3.0 emulator (dragging doesn't work, and that's crucial), but I have succeeded in running it under a PalmOS 3.3 emulator. Open 2sky works best under PalmOS 5.x. It should support Palm, Tapwave, Garmin and Sony non-square screen devices. It may support Handera ones. The next release will support Dana Alphasmart.

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