Monday, November 22, 2010


Kevin S. Polk, the author of the excellent but now alas defunct 2sky for PalmOS, has agreed to have me release it freely under the GPL.  I will be working on converting the code to prc-tools, as well as replacing the GPL-incompatible CollapseUtils-derived code with PalmResize.

Isn't the screenshot beautiful?


  1. It's building under prc-tools (after a bug fix to pilrc), but it crashes the Simulator on exit. Also, I've discovered some more GPL-incompatible code derived from SDK samples that'll have to be replaced. But it's a really elegant app, so it'll be worth it.

  2. Compiles with no warnings now. Is more stable. But it corrupts memory in some way--the Simulator crashes after a reset.

  3. I think it may be stable now. Next task: redo all the GPL-incompatible stuff.