Thursday, November 17, 2011

Android moon maps

And talking of the moon, I am working on an Android moon maps app.  I am not so interested in making a planetarium app, as I am holding out for an Android version of SkySafari.

This has now been officially released in the Android Market:
If you don't have access to Android Market, you can download the Lite version here.  If you want to purchase the HD version after that, email me.

Requires Android 1.5.

I will update this post in the comments as needed with new features.  The beta version expires at the end of the 2011 calendar year.


  1. I made a number of changes. Now the label rendering is done on the device, so we're getting closer to being able to flip/rotate the image to match Newtonian/refractor images (though that feature isn't implemented yet).

    There are also options to control what gets displayed. Press Menu and choose Options.

  2. Added option to flip/rotate. Just set "Observing instrument" and "Southern hemisphere observer" as appropriate.

  3. I switched to a gray, more realistic moon image.

    The label and circle colors are now somewhat customizable.

  4. I am now working on switching between different maps. The map switching is done, but I still need to finish an activity to download additional maps (they're about 6-10mb).

  5. I now include a downloader to download additional maps. Currently, the only additional map is a color-coded topographic map. To download it, go to Options, Maps, and choose it. It'll take a few minutes to download.

    There is also currently a bug with the map position not being saved between invocations.

  6. I tried downloading it to my Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet but was unable...

  7. What happened when you tried to download?

  8. I think Anonymous tried to download by clicking on the screen image rather than the download link in the text.

    I just posted 0.13. This fixes the map-position bug, adds a longitude/latitude display (optional), and adds two additional zoom levels (these just blow up the 5Kx5K image layer, so they don't include any more lunar detail, but they may make labels easier to read in crowded areas).

  9. 0.15:
    legend display (in maps where it's available)
    option to disable double-tap zoom (sometimes it's annoying)

  10. 0.17:
    there are now four additional maps one can download (Menu | Options | Map)

  11. 0.20:
    Better LRO mosaic map.
    Progress bar when downloading.

  12. 0.22:
    Move labels over to prevent label overlap.
    Fix Options crash.

  13. 0.23:
    Android 1.5 support
    Tap on feature for basic information and Wikipedia link
    Make the disappearing zoom buttons optional (and non-default)
    Make the volume-key zoom optional
    Add "hard to change" orientation (you need to tilt the device very much to change orientation to the default portrait or landscape orientations; reverse orientations not allowed; this is handy for observing when the device can tilt in all sorts of ways without an annoying orientation change)

  14. 0.24:
    Bug fixes
    New IAU-based features catalog

  15. 1.00:
    Official release in the Android Market.

  16. I just posted a 1.02 update:
    - detail slider
    - The-Moon Wiki information source, instead of Wikipedia (you can still choose Wikipedia)
    - HD price down to $0.99