Monday, January 28, 2013

LunarMap 1.20 released

I've released LunarMap 1.20 Lite/HD for Android.  Both versions got optimizations which could improve scrolling smoothness a fair amount (it's still not perfect).  The free Lite version also got a big change.  Previously, only a few maps were available, and only of the front of the moon.  Also, after 8X zoom it would just blow up the 8X map, pixelating more and more as you zoomed more.  Now, the Lite version has access to all of the same maps as the HD version, but if you exceed 8X zoom, it watermarks the screen with a big ugly "LITE".  But since it has the same maps, you now know exactly what you're missing with the HD version.

If you preferred the way the old Lite version worked, the last such version is available here, at least temporarily.

LunarMap also works great under Bluestacks on a Windows 7 laptop.

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