Sunday, May 20, 2012


Here in central Texas, the sun set before the eclipse hit maximum.  But we had some lovely views of the moon gobbling up sunspots as the sun was setting over the lake.  Photos are taken by a Canon G7 camera, using a solar funnel for projection.  The scope is an 8" F/4.5.  For the first photo it was stopped down to about 3".  The second photo I think used the full aperture.

And for reference, here's the sun in the afternoon, before the eclipse:


  1. Nice! Unfortunately, for those of us living in the East this was not visible. I like the touch of color too on the sun's disk. So hoping for clear and sunny skies on June 5th.

  2. By the way, while naked-eye I can see more detail on sunspots than in the photos of the projection funnel, I seem to see granularity in the photos, and especially in the camera's LCD display, that I don't see naked-eye. I wonder if that's due to the camera picking up IR.