Monday, August 22, 2011

Fix for balance issue on 70mm F/4.3 refractor

My son's 70mm F/4.3 refractor had too easy movement, and couldn't balance with a 32mm Plossl eyepiece (it balanced fine with a light Kellner).  We added a tension adjuster on one side.

The second photo shows the right altitude bearing.  The nut is superglued in place.  If it ever comes unglued, I'll glue something on top of it to keep it in place, or replace it with a threaded insert, or think of something else.  The nut actually was a locknut, but I cut out a lot of the locking plastic, so its locking action is very mild.

And the last photo shows the inside of the mount.  The black ring is a superglued fiberglass washer.  On the other side, under the knob (you can kind of see it in the first photo) there is a superglued washer made from milkjug plastic (rough side facing the wood) so the knob doesn't come undone.

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