Thursday, March 3, 2011

70mm refractor project just about finished

And we've almost finished the 70mm refractor.  I may still add some sort of sight for aiming it more effectively, though.

The tripod is made of cherry from a recalled crib that I picked up for scrap wood for free on Craigslist, together with some 1/2" Baltic birch plywood.  I glued two cherry slats side-by-side to form each leg.  The mount is a miniature Dobsonian mount.  The big round cutouts on the mount are to accommodate the oversize focusing knobs.  The azimuth bearing rides on PTFE pads and an old CD.  The altitude bearing uses PTFE pads and a plywood circle.

I had some trouble focusing a GSO 32mm Plossl in it--there wasn't enough focuser in-travel.  I suppose if I want to use that eyepiece with it, I can trim the top of the diagonal a little.

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