Monday, May 24, 2010

AstroInfo 3.10X

Thanks to hard work by Jochen Hoenecke, AstroInfo has been updated to allow for larger catalogs. No more installing a dozen star catalogs where one will do. The result is that if you want mag 11 catalogs, it's much faster.

AstroInfo is a pretty full featured (except for telescope control) free (GPL) planetarium program for PalmOS. Includes Tycho-2 catalogs up to magnitude 11 (but if you don't have enough memory, you can install smaller versions, like up to 8.5 or up to 10).

Before upgrading, make sure you delete all the old catalogs, as the new version is not compatible with many of the old catalogs.

This should be considered a beta, or maybe even alpha, test version:


  1. I also posted the mag 11-12 files (maybe only Northern Hemisphere--I can't remember).

  2. Found a bug in 3.10X (problems with identifying objects by tapping on them). It's fixed in 3.10Y which is uploading while I post this.